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480 159

I love changing my profile around and finding new things to add. Working with colors and making skins is such a joy.
Creating Custom board skins and RD board skins as well and the links to those boards can be found on my profile page :)
407 348

Welcome to my Page! Revolving door of changes constantly taking place. Pop By and say Hi! :)
289 230

I try to keep my profile interesting by continually changing the content of the boxes. I actively use my blog & appreciate any comments I receive. Drop by and say hello.
283 155

Ahem, it's me.
147 110

Finally getting around to playing with my Profile. Like I need another project.....LOL
Thanks for stopping in.
78 36

Just little ol' me!
54 90

I just love to play board Games
Becky's Profile
49 66

My corner of Yuku ~ I blog, I share, I advertise my board. Well, want to get to know me better ~ come on in and take a look. Message me (beware I use the new profile.) But welcome to come by my board ~ link is in my profile. Thanks for stopping by!
Lady Selana
45 100

Go 4 Fit
38 29

My fight to lose at least 35lb that I have put on since quitting smoking, along with getting myself generally fitter.
2wit 2woo
34 33

Profile/Blog about my life, my thoughts, and my feelings - But nothing I wouldn't tell the neighbours
Blog Yuku
23 29

Yuku profile being used as a portal page for Blog Yuku Forums. Trying to drum up interest in our Yuku blogs.
20 38

Profile and blog about anything and everything that might pop into my head or that I find of interest in and around the web
13 78

I'm not a crafty person as such, but love a challenge and have a go at making or creating the things I want or have seen elsewhere.
2 46

I use my profile page to share photos of a few Nantucket Lightship baskets I've made, show off my pets (past and present) and as a link to my message board - The Great State of Debate. Feel free to check it out.
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